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The Walk Of Fame
Denny Chimes

     The Walk Of Fame at Denny Chimes has been an Alabama tradition since the spring of 1948. Some consider the ceremony at Denny Chimes one of the most important Alabama tradition. Winning, of course, being the most important. The University of Alabama is the only school that honors its players in such a way. From the spring of 1948 to the spring of 2017, 184 names have been captured in cement on the Walk of Fame. Those 184 names represent 176 men who have made the Crimson Tide what it is today   The four members of the class of 2017 brought the total to 176 people whose name, achievements, as well as their hand and footprint, will live on forever in the memories of Crimson Tide fans.
     If you wish to see the location of the names as they are located around Denny Chimes please go to the bottom of the page.

Twenty Seven things you did not know about the
Walk Of Fame

      There are a total of 180 names on 172 slabs of concrete.
        (North:  90   South:   36    East:  26    West:  28)

      Sixteen men share 8 slabs of concrete

     Doug Lockridge and Billy Cadenhead shared the first one in 1949.

     From 1956 till 1962 all the inductees shared a slab.

     Billy Cadenhead is one of seven men to have his name twice in the Walk of Fame. In 1948 he was selected as the Most Outstanding player for that year. One year later he was again enshrined as captain of the 1949 squad.

     Jim Loftin is the second person to have his name in the Walk Of Fame twice. In 1957 he was selected as both Team Captain and Most Outstanding Player. He was two slabs for each achievement. He is the only one of two men to be selected Captain as well as Most Outstanding Player in the same year.


     In 1955 Nick Germanos was the first person to named Captain and Most Outstanding Player in the same year. His slab mentions both of achievement. He is also the only person to be inducted by himself.

     Nick Germanos 1955, Jim Loftin 1957 and Leon Fuller (year not listed but he was enshrined in 1960) are the only three to be named Captains and Most Outstanding Player in the same year.

     Leon Fuller is one of only two not to have a year next to his name. Doug Lockridge is the other one.

     Billy Neighbors has "ALL-AMERICAN" and the year "1961" on his slab.

     Pat Trammell in 1961 was the last player to be designated as Most Outstanding Player.
      The slab for 1961 is one of five that do not mention a Team Captain. Both Trammell and Neighbors share a slab, The slabs for 1966 and 1968 only mention the players names. Ray Perkins 1966, Richard Cole 1966, Donnie Sutton 1968 and Mike Hall 1968.

      Benny Nelson (1964) is the only person to have the words "ALL-SEC" on his slab.

     Ken Stabler (1967) is the only person to have his nickname on the slab. His name reads KEN SNAKE STABLER

     There no slabs for the year 1963.

     There are FIVE people who have the year of the ceremony and not the season they played listed on their slab. Steve Allen, Benny Nelson (1964), Ray Odgen, Joe Namath (1965) and Steve Sloan (1966).

     Four people have multiple years listed by their names and are also listed as "CO-CAPTAINS" not CO-CAPTAIN. They are: Alvin Samples (1969-70), Danny Ford (1969-70), Danny Gilbert (1970-71) and Dave Brungard (1970-71).

     From 1950 till 1989 no more than two players were selected to be enshrined in the Walk Of Fame. In 1990 Garry Hollinsworth, Efrum Thomas and Philip Doyle became the first class to have more than two names added to the Walk Of Fame.

     From 1991 to 1995 four names would be added every year.

     In 1996 only John Causey and Fernando Davis received the honor of being named CO-Captains.

     From 1998 till 2001 Five names would be added every year.

   Neither Chris Samuels (1999) nor Landon Collins (2014) attended the Ceremony

       The class of 2001 marked the first time in the 54 year history of the Walk Of Fame that non-Seniors would be elected team CO-Captains. That year Jarret Johnson, Saleem Rasheed and Tyler Watts, all Juniors, were chosen for the Walk Of Fame.

     2001 and 2002 are the only times the Walk Of Fame ceremony was not held at Denny Chimes. Instead Dennis Franchione and Mark Price decided to hold the ceremony at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

    2003 also marked the first time that six people would be enshrined at the Walk of Fame.   

    There are at least 5 slabs misspelled.  Antoine Caldwell's was originally misspelled, but was later fixed.
Steve Allen            (Allan) 
Gary Hollingsworth (Hollingworth)
Leron McClain        (MCclain)
Max Kelley            (Kelly)
Major Ogilvie          (Ogelvie)

Here is a list of who was inducted what year

Harry Gilmer
Spring 1948