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       At the end of the 1986 season the second master plan for Bryant-Denny Stadium would begin. Bulldozers, cranes and construction workers would replace football fans at Bryant-Denny Stadium for the 1987 season. The sixth expansion of the stadium would force the Crimson Tide away from Tuscaloosa and make them play all home games at Legion Field. For the fist time since 1943, football would not be played on the Tuscaloosa campus. This would be the first time that the stadium would expand outside of the original "bowl" structure started in 1929.
       This would be the most extensive expansion in the stadium's history. A 12,000 seat covered deck would be built on the west side of stadium. Theater style seats would be used instead of bleachers in the new "upper deck" and in the new VIP section in the lower grand stand. The VIP section would cover over 50 rows and three sections at midfield. The 1961 press box would be removed and a new press box would be built into the deck. The lights for the stadium would be installed on the facade of the roof. An auxiliary scoreboard would be placed on the east side of the stadium. Six new tunnels would be built allowing the fans easier access in and out of the stadium. Both the home and visiting dressing rooms would undergo major
improvements as well as the stadium's bathrooms and concession stands. This expansion would bring the capacity of Bryant-Denny Stadium to over 72,000.

       Bryant-Denny Stadium under went a small facelift in 1993. This would be a prelude of things to come four years later. The 64-year old structure started to show its age. Years of exposure to the elements had weakened its structure. In the spring of 1993 all the wooden bleaches with fiberglass covering were replaced with aluminum ones and the entire original structure was waterproofed.

        Construction for a new covered deck on the east side of the stadium would begin at the end of the 1996 season and be ready by
the opening of the 1998 season, the 68th at Bryant-Denny Stadium. The seventh expansion in the 69-year history would bring the capacity of the stadium to over 85,000. This expansion would bring many new luxuries to Bryant-Denny Stadium. For the first time in the stadium's history it would have private boxes for its patrons and large meeting rooms.

      Winning has been a very big part of the tradition at the University of Alabama. With 12 National Championships and over 740 wins, the Crimson Tide ranks among the most successful programs in
1998 Kickoff Vs BYU

college football. A great part of that history has been made in Tuscaloosa and Bryant-Denny Stadium. The 1998 season marked The Tide's 101st played in Tuscaloosa. The Crimson Tide's mark in the first 100 seasons stands at 260-36-3. 

     In 2010, the Stadium expanded to 102,000+.

      Back in 1929 President Denny had a dream for the University of Alabama. The legacy of that dream is Bryant-Denny Stadium. Not even President Denny could have imagined what his dream would become, a home for the University of Alabama where more than 100,000 people could come and watch the Crimson Tide play football.